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Twitch Streamer - Medium Writer -  LGBTQIA+

Demi-male (they/them pronouns). I found myself and want to inspire others on their journey. I'm a Proud and vocal part of the LGBTQIA community, with the aims to educate others on issues and intersectionality!



Hi! I'm Robin Kyrie, and I'm so many things! So let me try and tell you about myself! I'm a content creator who is passionate about raising money and awareness for charity, and more importantly, inspiring people to find what resonates with them and what takes them to their ability to live their best lives. I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and I'm very open about my journey to finding my own identity. I identify as Demi-male, which is part of the Non-binary spectrum, and I use they/them pronouns. I believe it is everyone's right to be allowed to live in a way that makes them feel most comfortable as long as it does no harm to others, and no - someone asking you to respect their pronouns is not causing you harm.

I have a dog called Charlie, a rescue from Dogs Trust Loughborough, I love Makeup, and I love having the freedom to explore and create - without the worry of failing. I firmly believe in embracing the failures and looking for where you can learn from them. Ultimately what is life but a series of happy accidents - how we approach these accidents is what makes the big difference.




Since starting my stream on Twitch, I've made it a goal to promote and raise money for charity! There's suffering in the world for both animals and humans and I want to do my best to alleviate this, whether that's by raising awareness or through actively raising money for them with charity streams.

My main charity of choice is Dogs Trust - which I raise money for exclusively via Warm Winter Wishes - a series of streams every day of December, spreading Christmas vibes and cheer while raising money for Dogs Trust. I'm constantly working on evaluating and adding new charities into the rota, with the goal of doing 4 charity events a year.

Raised So Far

DOGS TRUST -  £287.83 ($373.23)

TRANS LIFELINE - £115.73 ($150)

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